Murwa is a cutting-edge private vehicle parking station, leading the forefront of the market. 

Its modular design and versatility make it an adaptable solution for any environment, while its focus on promoting eco-friendly vehicles reflects an unwavering commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

Configuring and choosing Murwa is taking a bold step towards tomorrow’s mobility, where technology and ecology converge to transform the parking experience. 

Plus, it offers the convenience of accessing and managing your parking through a user-friendly app or RFID card, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free parking experience.



Clean and modern urban spaces

Trap allows users to store and park their scooters, whether they are workers or customers, in a safe, easy and comfortable way. A charging station that integrates visually into any space, whether indoors or outdoors, with a modern urban design that is easy to identify and use.

Technology and clean energy

The new electric scooter parking is designed to be compatible with renewable energy sources, such as walkable photovoltaic floors and solar panels. It features a high-tech, high-security multi-locking system to provide each parking space with added protection.



Planning and parking

The bike rack allows the secure parking and tidying of bicycles for both customers and employees, conveniently and safely. A robust street furniture infrastructure that integrates visually in any location, indoors and outdoors, with a modern design that is easy to identify and use.

Renewable energy and technology

The SOCA bicycle and eBike parking concept features a charging system that can be powered by renewable energy sources from the sun through solar panels and walkable photovoltaic floors. In addition, these parking facilities are equipped with the latest technology in security systems.




We have created a charging car park for electric scooters and folding bicycles, thanks to its modular lockers.

Belat is a modular solution, perfect for maximising space inside buildings. Very easy to install and maintain. Ideal for the entrance of the building, receptions or interior areas. It fits in any type of business or establishment thanks to its reduced dimensions.

Thanks to its locking system, a padlock, digital code, RFID technology can be used.

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